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Caroline Smith DeWaal

Caroline Smith DeWaal

Caroline Smith DeWaal is the director of the food safety program at CSPI and co-author of Is Our Food Safe? A Consumer’s Guide to Protecting Your Health and the Environment (Three Rivers Press, 2002). She represents CSPI before Congress and in the regulatory arena on a broad range of food safety issues. DeWaal is the leading consumer analyst on laws and regulations governing food safety, and she has testified more than twenty times on pending food safety issues before the United States Congress. She has participated in a number of World Health Organization consultations on food safety and is currently an expert advisor on its Integrated Surveillance of Antibiotic Resistance project. She has also participated in several national advisory committees to USDA and FDA, and was recently selected as a member of the Food Safety Modernization Act Surveillance Working Group of the Office of Infectious Diseases, CDC Board of Scientific Counselors. She represents the International Association of Consumer Food Organizations at Codex Alimentarius. DeWaal graduated from the University of Vermont and Antioch School of Law. She has taught university courses on national and global food issues.

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How to Buy Chicken That Won’t Make You Sick

Vomiting. Diarrhea. Cramps. Food poisoning is no fun. In most cases, your body will heal itself as long as you drink plenty of fuids until the GI problems clear up.

And the leading cause of serious food borne illness in the United States is Salmonella, which commonly comes from poultry. If you know how to buy chicken, you can reduce your chances of catching this bug.

Symptoms of Salmonella also include chills, joint pain, headaches, muscle pain, and malaise. Possible complications may also include reactive arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.
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6 Healthy Grilling Tips for Food Safety

Nothing says summer like the smoky smell of a grill full of meat and veggies. As the grilling season heats up, it is important to use proper grilling techniques to create a delicious, safe meal. Read on for healthy grilling tips to keep your cookout food safe and delicious.   Read More

Ground Beef Recall

What: The Kansas-based National Beef Packing Co. is recalling 22,737 pounds of raw ground beef and raw ground beef products.

Contamination of products was discovered through routine testing by the USDA   Read More

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