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Nils Fischer

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How Food Poisoning from Vegetables and Fruit Occurs

Salmonella from cantaloupe. Hepatitis A from strawberries. Cryptosporidium from scallions. Shigella from parsley. The list of disease-causing microbes in fruits and vegetables is almost as varied as our supply of fresh produce. Here are a few key examples of food poisoning from vegetables.


Rita Bernstein of Wilton, Connecticut, served mixed, pre-washed lettuce to her daughter Haylee, then three years old. That salad almost blinded the child.

The lettuce—which sickened 60 others in New York, Illinois, and Connecticut—was contaminated with E. coli O157:H7. After visiting the California farm where it was grown, investigators weren’t surprised.   Read More

Review of the USDA’s FoodKeeper App for Smartphones

Thanks to FoodKeeper, a free app developed by Cornell University’s Food Science Department, the Food Marketing Institute, and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), storing food has become easier and more practical! This app gives storage times for the optimal quality and safety of every category of food imaginable, from individual species of fish to baked goods and even baby foods. Especially practical is the option of automatically adding calendar reminders to consume refrigerated or frozen food items by a certain date. In addition, cooking times and general tips are provided for a variety of foods.   Read More

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