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Sarah Klein

Sarah Klein is senior staff attorney with the food safety program at CSPI and a nationally recognized expert on food safety issues. She is the author of Dirty Dining and leads CSPI’s campaign for public restaurant ratings. Ms. Klein is also the lead author of Risky Meat, an analysis of the meat and poultry foods most likely to cause serious illness; The Ten Riskiest Foods Regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; and All Over The Map, an analysis of state outbreak reporting. Ms. Klein regularly appears in the national media, including CNN, The New York Times, NPR, NBC Nightly News, ABC’s Good Morning America, 20/20 and others. Ms. Klein was formerly Assistant Attorney General in the Consumer Protection Division of the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General. Ms. Klein lives with her husband and twin children in Chevy Chase, MD.

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