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Calories in Food

Discover best ways to measure your calorie consumption and set reasonable targets. And it’s not only about counting calories…the density of the calories in the food you eat matters, too. You’ll have sound guidance about your calorie consumption with our direct and easy-to-follow advice.

How To Reduce the Calories in Meat

It seems like it should be straightforward, but figuring out the amount of calories in meat and poultry can be tricky. Here's how to keep calories in check.

How many calories in that cereal? How much sodium in that soup? For nearly two decades, Nutrition Facts labels have answered those questions…except in the one section of the supermarket where you might need them the most.

If you are trying to figure out the calories in meat and poultry, you’re pretty much on your own. Exceptions: Most ground meat and poultry have Nutrition Facts (along with deceptive lean claims). And a few companies put Nutrition Facts on brand-name meats or poultry voluntarily.

In fact, many stores have posters listing the nutrition facts of fresh meat and poultry. But odds are, you haven’t noticed them. In some cases, they’re above or on the sides of the meat case. And even if your vision were sharp enough to read the fine print, the cuts on the posters don’t always match what the store is selling. So good luck with that.   Read More

5 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn't mean you can eat anything. Here are 5 foods you shouldn't eat for breakfast.

“Dessert for breakfast is a trend that we have been following for several years,” Eleanor Hanson of Foodwatch recently told Restaurants & Institutions magazine. Foodwatch is an Edina, Minnesota, consulting firm that analyzes food trends.

“We’re seeing streusel in cereal, chocolate in muffins and scones, and monster-size cinnamon rolls. Blurring is occurring on the sweets continuum.” In light of this continuing trend, we’ve put together a short list of 5 foods you shouldn’t eat for breakfast.

We examined nutrition information supplied by the manufacturers of popular breakfast items from fast- food chains and supermarkets. The results should sound a wake-up call. If restaurant foods came with the same “Nutrition Facts” labels that are on all packaged foods, the lines at Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, and Burger King might be a lot shorter.
  Read More

How Big Soda is Paying Scientists to Confuse the Public

Coca Cola-funded researchers say don't believe that eating and drinking too many calories is the cause of the obesity epidemic. Here's the truth about big soda research.

Borrowing a page from Big Tobacco’s playbook, Coca-Cola has quietly funded the formation of a new nonprofit organization of scientists who downplay the role that excessive calories play in the world’s   Read More

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