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Daily Tips

What are the Best Frozen Desserts with Lower Calories?

Can you spot the best frozen desserts with lower calories? Here’s what’s hot in frozen yogurt and light ice cream.

The frozen-dessert aisle sure isn’t frozen in time.

Häagen-Dazs now has an Artisan Collection with mix-ins like banana rum swirl. Ben & Jerry’s has a line with a “core” of fillings like peanut butter fudge. And nearly every brand now has a line of gelato.

But if you’re careful, you can still cool off without a calorie, sugar, and saturated fat overload. Some of the best frozen desserts, like yogurts and kefirs, even offer a decent dose of protein and calcium. Here’s the scoop.
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A Quick History of The Omniheart Diet

The Omniheart diet has come a long way since the first study. Here is where it began.

What foods belong in your fridge if you want to protect your heart and cut your risk of diabetes and cancer at the same time?

As long as you start with a healthy core diet—heavy on the fruits and vegetables and light on the bad fats, salt, and sweets—it’s up to you.

That’s what is so great about the Omniheart diet; you can round out your core diet with good fats, good protein, or good carbs. Or you can switch from one to the other, depending on your mood.
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Is There a Good Way to Exercise to Reduce Diabetes Risks?

How can I exercise to reduce diabetes risks? It's not as difficult or time-consuming as you might think.

In 2002, the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) found that a combination of a low-calorie, low-fat diet plus exercise reduces the risk of diabetes more than metformin (a blood-sugar-lowering drug) or a placebo in people at high risk for the disease. Seven years after the three-year trial ended, the weight loss and exercise were still paying off.

Among 1,416 women in the DPP who had no history of diabetes during pregnancy, those who had been in the weight loss + exercise group had a 30 percent lower risk of being diagnosed with diabetes since the study ended than those who got metformin or the placeb   Read More

The Bottom Line: Foods with Trans Fat are Lingering

Foods with trans fat are finally on the way out, but the food industry is working to keep this deadly ingredient in foods.


On June 17th, the Food and Drug Administration ended a battle that started a quarter century ago. The FDA banned partially hydrogenated oil, the source of artificial trans fat. The food industry will ask the FDA to allow specific amounts in certain foods, but I hope the FDA permits only levels that won’t harm consumers.

Food with trans fat entered our food supply more than a century ago, when chemists found that reacting liquid oils with hydrogen turned them into more-solid fats. That led to shortenings like Crisco (which replaced lard, butter, and beef tallow) and stick margarines. After World War II, the floodgates opened. Partially hydrogenated oils were cheap and shelf stable, and companies began to use them in thousands of foods.   Read More

Beware of These Effects of Caffeine on the Body

Like any drug, the effects of caffeine on the body are not wholly good or bad. Here are the facts.

Caffeine is the most popular drug in the United States and the least regulated one.

Up until about two decades ago, the only foods with added caffeine were soft drinks. And the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limited their amount of caffeine to 48 milligrams per eight ounces.

That changed in 1997, when the first popular energy drink—an Austrian import called Red Bull— landed on our shores. Every 8.4-ounce can of the sweetened fortified water contains 80 mg of caffeine.   Read More

The Truth About Your Garlic Supplement

Is garlic cholesterol's natural enemy? This definitive study of garlic sandwiches and garlic pills says no way.

“Clinically proven to lower cholesterol.” “Promotes healthy circulation.” “Supports a healthy cardiovascular system.”

None of these typical claims from garlic supplement labels are backed by good scientific evidence.

Here is the evidence around cholesterol, blood clotting, heart attacks, and other health conditions that a garlic supplement is supposedly good for.
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Salt in Soup Gives You More Than Flavor

Why is there so much salt in soup and other canned goods? The reasons may not be worth the risk.

Canned soups are loaded with salt. Why is there so much salt in soup? It’s a lot cheaper than the flavorful vegetables, chicken, herbs, and spices that you would use at home.

Plus, when commercial soups are cooked at a high temperature for a long enough time to kill potentially harmful bacteria, some of the natural flavors evaporate. Salt is a cheap, convenient way to make up for the loss.

It’s not just soup. All canned foods are cooked to within an inch of their lives at the packing plant. It’s not because companies don’t know how to regulate their ovens.   Read More

5 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but that doesn't mean you can eat anything. Here are 5 foods you shouldn't eat for breakfast.

“Dessert for breakfast is a trend that we have been following for several years,” Eleanor Hanson of Foodwatch recently told Restaurants & Institutions magazine. Foodwatch is an Edina, Minnesota, consulting firm that analyzes food trends.

“We’re seeing streusel in cereal, chocolate in muffins and scones, and monster-size cinnamon rolls. Blurring is occurring on the sweets continuum.” In light of this continuing trend, we’ve put together a short list of 5 foods you shouldn’t eat for breakfast.

We examined nutrition information supplied by the manufacturers of popular breakfast items from fast- food chains and supermarkets. The results should sound a wake-up call. If restaurant foods came with the same “Nutrition Facts” labels that are on all packaged foods, the lines at Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, and Burger King might be a lot shorter.
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Bean Salads for Summer That Will Excite You

Hungry? These bean salads for summer eating are an easy, quick, and healthy meal waiting to happen.

Chop, whisk, toss—it’s as easy as that. You can have any of these amazing bean salads for summer dinner on the table in 10 minutes flat. And you never have to turn on the burner.

Tropical Black Beans


2 Tbs. fresh lime juice
1 Tbs. extra-virgin olive oil
1⁄4 tsp. kosher salt
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