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Do You Want to Discover Ways to Cut Salt from Your Diet?

Salt in Food – Replacing the Salt Shaker Revealed! Download Your FREE Copy Right Now.

It could prevent up to 92,000 deaths and 66,000 strokes every year. It could keep up to 99,000 Americans from having a heart attack and up to 120,000 others from getting heart disease every year. And it could save $10 to $24 billion in health care costs every year. That’s what we could save by cutting 1,200 milligrams of sodium out of the average American’s daily diet. “The health benefits to the U.S. population would be on a par with cutting the number of smokers and the number of people exposed to secondhand smoke by half,” says researcher Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo of the University of California, San Francisco. What’s more, salt may damage the kidneys and other organs above and beyond its effect on the heart and blood pressure.

Do you ever ask yourself “How can I cut my salt intake?” Or “How can I choose a healthier diet but still enjoy some flavor?” Well, now you can have the latest life-saving information about the foods you eat, because’s scientists and nutritionists tell you exactly what you can do to replace the salt you have been putting on your food.

Dear health-conscious consumer,

Scientific research has proven the relationship between diet and disease. Regularly eat food that’s full of beneficial nutrients and low in salt, and you can improve your health. But, you may wonder how you can keep the delicious flavor without  increasing your chances of suffering a debilitating and life-shortening illness. You can protect yourself against those diseases – and sometimes even cure yourself of them!

That’s exactly why you should learn how to replace your salt shaker. Discover many ways to replace salt without sacrificing flavor in Salt in Food: Replacing the Salt Shaker.

This special free health advice has been compiled especially for you by our expert staff of scientists and nutritionists, so eating the best foods is as easy shaking a salt shaker. Your free copy of Salt in Food: Replacing the Salt Shaker includes:

  • Need the perfect recipe for a salt replacement made with herbs? Find one when you download this free advice.
  • Not in the mood to make your own salt substitute? Try one of the three recommended ones you can buy at your grocery store when you receive the PDF.
  • Still can’t live without that salt taste? There are several low-sodium alternatives that we will give you.
  • Plus you’ll get a couple liquid options as well, all to make the food you eat more tasty and healthful.

Download this free health advice right now, so you can add flavor to your food without sacrificing your health, because this advice will help you stay focused – day in and day out – on the best flavorings for your health.

Finally, you should learn all about the best foods to eat, because Salt in Food: Replacing the Salt Shaker isn’t just telling you to cut your salt intake. We tell you what ingredients you can use to make your food taste great without adding salt. You’ll discover how to formulate fabulous flavor.

Act now to get your free health advice about cutting down on salt.

We will send you a link to download your free health advice and notify you by email when we post the latest and best tips and advice for eating healthfully and living longer. There is absolutely no cost and no obligation, and you can cancel at any time without a hassle.

To your health,

The Team at Nutrition Action ©

P.S. If you’re still uncertain about downloading this valuable advice, please consider this: if you eat the wrong foods and take in too much salt, you can get sick and spend lots of money on medicines and doctor bills. If you eat food that’s best for you, you’re in a better position to ensure your continued good health – even ward off debilitating diet-related diseases. Download your free copy of Salt in Food: Replacing the Salt Shaker right now!

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