How Much Caffeine is in Snack Foods?

Look beyond traditional sources of caffeine like soft drinks, coffee, and teas, and you’ll find the stimulant in some waffles, gum, and jelly beans. Keep track of your caffeine consumption with this list of snack foods.


Crackheads (1 box, 1.3 oz.) – 600 mg
Crackheads, regular (1 box, 1.3 oz.) – 200 mg
Wired Waffles, all flavors (1 waffle, 2.5 oz.) – 200 mg
Jolt Gum (2 pieces, 0.1 oz.) – 80 mg
Jelly Belly Extreme Sport Beans (1 package, 1 oz.) – 50 mg
Perky Jerky, all flavors (1 oz.) – 35 mg
Blue Diamond Coffee Almonds, all flavors (1 oz.) – 25 mg

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