Calories in Food: Are Paninis Worse for You than Other Sandwiches?

A panini is a sandwich that’s typically grilled from the top and bottom in (what else?) a panini press.


At Panera and Corner Bakery, they range from roughly 650 to 850 calories. Only about half of the non-panini sandwiches at those chains climb that high.

It’s not clear what makes the panini a gut buster: larger size? more bread? extra toppings? Panera’s paninis—Chipotle Chicken, Frontega Chicken, Smokehouse Turkey, and Tomato & Mozzarella—certainly don’t seem excessive. But they might if you knew that a Big Mac had 530 calories.

Instead: Check the calories (if the menu lists them) before you order any sandwich, panini, flatbread, or wrap. Odds are, you’re better off with just half (plus salad).


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