Restaurant food on steroids

Remember the old days when cookies were the size of an Oreo, not nearly as big as a Frisbee?

When a regular order of fries at McDonald’s was 3 ounces, instead of the nearly one pound of potatoes that Five Guys calls a “regular” portion these days?

Five Guys

And a sandwich was two slices of bread with some peanut butter and jelly inside, not the size of two meaty fists that restaurants serve us up today?

No wonder we eat more when we eat out and it shows on our waistlines. We’re only human. We eat what we’re served.

How big should a restaurant serving of pizza, steak, or orange juice be?  The serving sizes on food labels look like items on the kids menu compared to what you’ll get in restaurants.

Here are the average serving sizes of some popular menu items at leading restaurant chains compared with what these items would look like if they followed the typical serving sizes on food labels.

Olive Garden





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2 Replies to “Restaurant food on steroids”

  1. It’s not rocket science. Just don’t eat the large portions. Have a salad instead or share with someone. No one forces you to sit down and eat what they serve you. How about using some will power, or staying away from restaurants altogether, as I do?

  2. YIKES! I am a health coach, I eat clean, I detox from time to time and I run a successful practice. The only change I have made in the past year is eat out more and that has given me 5 additional pounds. I try to make the best choices, no sauces, dressings on the sides, no bread basket (I’m gluten free), etc. I know portions sizes are way out of proportion but when the food is put in front of me, no matter how heatlhy I will eat more particularly when you are enjoying a meal with others, chatting and really not paying attention to your body’s signals of satiaty.

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