Exercise for Health: Walk to Work

Lowering your diabetes risk may be as easy as walking to work. Researchers in Japan studied roughly 8,600 middle-aged men who were working for the same company. The men had sedentary jobs. None had diabetes, but about a third had pre-diabetes (fasting blood sugar between 100 and 125).


Over the next four years, those who walked at least 21 minutes to get to work had a 25 percent lower risk of diabetes than those who walked for 10 minutes or less.

What to do: Find some way to walk—or get other exercise—every day. Exercise can lower your risk of diabetes by making your body more sensitive to insulin even if you don’t do vigorous activity or lose weight.

Source: Diabetes Care 30: 2296, 2007.


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7 Replies to “Exercise for Health: Walk to Work”

  1. Sounds like a good idea for someone who could walk to work; however, I am 80 years old and retired. So, I will walk behind my lawnmower and do other gardening.

  2. This is so true! My recent labs were perfect after four month check up with doctor. I attribute this to walking 30 to 40 minutes 5 times a week! To those who are unable to walk outside perhaps there is a local YMCA or YWCA or gym that could assist you with program on the treadmill. Also health insurance companies are now offering incentives /partnerships with gyms to help PREVENT disease and costly hospital admissions.

  3. Great!!! still working. you might get to do some walking durin your work hour, like we used to do in NC with the employees that wanted to exercise.

  4. Life is all about choices. We all make big choices that facilitate physical activity or creates barriers. We then make daily choices to take advantage of opportunities that present or watch them pass.

  5. 17 miles to work is far to walk so park farther away in parking lots, take the stairs up and down, stand more, any errands a mile or less should be walked. Get out of the bus or subway a stop or two earlier and walk. make it a game to fit in walking whenever possible. Never focus on what is not possible.
    good luck

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