Are There Waters that Can Help with Diet and Weight Loss?

Want to drop a few pounds? Fuze Slenderize is spiked with vitamins plus three popular weight-loss supplements.

Never mind that Slenderize delivers just a tiny fraction of the amounts that have been tested. And never mind that two of the three—chromium and L-carnitine—haven’t helped people lose weight in the eight studies that looked.


Only three studies have tested the third ingredient—Super Citrimax, an extract of the fruit of the Garcinia cambogia plant. Among 35 overweight Mexican women, those who took 1,500 mg a day of Garcinia cambogia (six times what’s in Slenderize) for eight weeks lost six more pounds than those who took a placebo. But in two other studies, on a total of 90 people in India, those who got 11 times the Garcinia in Slenderize lost no more weight than those who got a placebo. However, the researchers reported otherwise.

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Fuze Slenderize

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