Who’s Watching the Watchdog?

Have you seen Diet Pills Watchdog’s page on Facebook? Its ads on the Internet? Or, its diet pill choices at dietpillswatchdog.com?

The outfit claims to be “100% Independent” in reviewing and recommending dietary supplements so that consumers can “make the right choice and start losing weight!”


Really? How can the Watchdog be independent when it gets paid for promoting certain products?

According to the fine print on its website, Diet Pills Watchdog receives commissions from supplement companies on some of the products it recommends. That could explain why an acai berry supplement is one of its top three choices for weight loss, despite the fact that there’s no credible evidence that acai berries help people lose weight (unless it’s the weight of their wallets).

The Diet Pills Watchdog, however, is safe from the U.S. watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), since its contact address is an offshore financial services company in the Seychelle Islands in the Indian Ocean.



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7 Replies to “Who’s Watching the Watchdog?”

  1. I have a special dislike for the diet industry , I have lost and kept off 100 pounds by learning what a healthy diet is and how much I need to eat and exercise. I hate that these phoney claims seem to go unchecked while people get sicker and heavier ! All the money I wasted believing them until I got wise ..

  2. I agree. It’s like Mercola blasting dietary supplements while shilling his own supplements on his website, or like Alex Jones blasting dietary supplements while shilling for “miracle cures” such as “Tangy Tangerine”…which has lead, mercury, and arsenic in it.

  3. I have never posted a comment before. I’m shocked by the steps that this group has taken to conceal their income sources and hence their biases. Thank you for outing them!

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