Diet and Weight Loss: Trick Yourself into Eating Less with Wrapped Candies and Snacks

Be aware of cues that make you munch.

One group of researchers studied roughly 60 female students in their 20s.


Study 1. The researchers gave each student a bowl of 20 individually wrapped or 20 unwrapped chocolate candies and told her to eat as much as she wanted. After 5 minutes, the students averaged about 5 pieces of unwrapped candy, but only about 3½ pieces of wrapped candy.

Study 2. In a similar experiment, the students ate 5 unwrapped candies that they could grab with their fingers, but only 3½ candies wrapped in transparent foil or unwrapped candies that they had to pick up using tongs.

A second group of scientists used chocolates to see if people are influenced by what others eat. They let 66 students relax in a room with a bowl of chocolates for 10 minutes (before taking a reaction test). When a bowl of wrappers was also present, 72 percent of the participants took a chocolate. When a bowl without wrappers was present, only 45 percent took a chocolate.

What to do: If you’re trying not to snack, keep it wrapped up, out of arm’s reach, or out of sight. And be aware that what others eat may affect how much you eat.

Source: Appetite 71: 89, 2013. Appetite 70: 1, 2013.


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  1. There is something wrong with the next-to-the-last paragraph. It doesn’t make sense. It is talking about wrapped papers not people.

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