Beware of these dietary supplement advertising tricks (Part 1)

Trick #1: Phony testimonials

Here’s “Amy,” gushing about the “secret anti-aging product” Garcinia cambogia on some fake news site.

fake dietary supplement testimonial 1

Amy shows up on hundreds of other websites, admitting that she was also “a bit skeptical” about Green Coffee Bean. And about Vimax. Then there’s “Jennifer,” who’s skeptical about Acai berry, and “Joseph,” who’s skeptical about MuscleRev Xtreme, and “Summer,” who’s skeptical about Ultra Ketone System. We could go on.

fake dietary supplement testimonial 2

fake dietary supplement testimonial 3

fake dietary supplement testimonial 4

fake dietary supplement testimonial 5

fake dietary supplement testimonial 6


Trick #2: “Clinically proven” studies that are worthless

“Clinically proven” can mean something…or, as in this case, nothing. Greek Island Labs’ “clinical study” didn’t compare Natural Joint with a placebo, so it wasn’t capable of showing whether the supplement works.

worthless dietary supplement study

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2 Replies to “Beware of these dietary supplement advertising tricks (Part 1)”

    1. From Nutrition Action Healthletter: That’s a tough question to answer. Depends on the healthcare provider. Some may have experience with particular supplements, so they can guide you to what they’ve found useful in their patients. Others may sell supplements, so they have a vested interest in getting you to buy them. And still others have no experience with supplements. The best advice is to follow a healthcare professional you trust.

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