Beware of These Dietary Supplement Advertising Tricks (Part 3)

Trick #6: “Weird” tips and tricks to sell overpriced supplements

Ever click on one of those “One Weird Trick” or “One Weird Old Tip” ads? The simple sketch or odd photo makes them stand out. Most eventually try to get you to buy some overpriced supplement. For example:

Clicking on this ad:

Ad 1

…takes you to this website…

Ad 2

…which sells Somnapure for the “highly discounted” price (including shipping) of $75 a month (automatically charged to your credit card if you don’t cancel within 18 days of ordering your “free” two-week supply).

Ad 3

That’s about twice what Somnapure costs at GNC…and more than four times what you can get it for on Amazon.

Ad 4

Ad 5

A three-month supply of melatonin—the ingredient in Somnapure with the best evidence of helping reset the body’s clock—costs $5 at

Ad 6

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