Test your knowledge of multivitamins with this short quiz

Multivitamins remain the most popular supplement Americans take, according to a nationally representative, government-Centrumfunded survey in 2011-2012. But the percentage using them appears to have dropped during the past decade from 37 percent to 31 percent. Americans instead are increasing their use of omega-3s, lycopene, vitamin D, and probiotics.

How much do you know about multivitamins? Are gummies and chewables as good as pills? Do people who take multis get sick less often? What can multis do for your hair and skin?

Click below to take a five-question quiz on our sister website cspinet.org and compare how you did with other people.

Multivitamins Quiz

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  1. I take Metabolic Maintenance Big One and Metabolic Maintenance B Complex without Iron recommended by my integrative medicine physician.

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