Vitamin Supplements: Is This Gummy Vitamin Really Complete?

If Smarty Pants gummy multivitamins are so smart, why are they called “complete” when they’re missing so many nutrients? And why is the central ingredient in the Smarty Pants Weight Management gummy something that’s been shown not to help people lose weight?


One day’s dose of Smarty Pants Adult Complete—6 gummies, costing about $1—has two teaspoons of sugar and 50 calories but no vitamin B-2, vitamin K, selenium, chromium, iron, copper, magnesium, or calcium. And its 128 milligrams of the omega-3 fish oils DHA and EPA is what you’d get in about a tablespoon of salmon. Wow!

Smarty Pants Weight Management Complete gummies (6 a day, for about $1.50 and also less than complete) feature 6 grams of inulin, “to create a feeling of fullness, promote digestive health and regularity.” Yet in two studies, people who took 12 grams of inulin every day for one to three months felt no fuller, ate no less food, and lost no more weight than similar people who took a placebo.

Looks like Smarty Pants could use some remedial education.

Sources: Br. J. Nutr. 78: 215, 1997; Nutrition J. 11: 44, 2012.

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