Dietary Supplements: Pygeum Africanum May Help with an Enlarged Prostate

It “provides moderate relief” for men and “may be a useful treatment option, at least in the short term,” according to the Cochrane Collaboration, an international network of scientists who review the effectiveness of medical therapies.


In six small studies in Italy and Germany, men with benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, who took 100 to 200 milligrams a day of pygeum had increased urine flow and reported improvements in symptoms compared with men who took a placebo. However, in the three studies that looked, pygeum takers made no fewer trips to the bathroom during the night.

The six studies were short term, tested different doses and preparations, and rarely used standardized methods to record symptoms, all of which lessens the reliability of their results.

Source:Cochrane Database Syst. Rev.: CD001044, 2002.


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3 Replies to “Dietary Supplements: Pygeum Africanum May Help with an Enlarged Prostate”

  1. Eat healthy. Exercise. It would be nice if vitamins and supplements made us healthy, good looking, smart, wealthy, wise, sexually competent, uninarily efficient and boweletically productive, but, by most scientific standards the majority of vitamins and supplements produce nothing but expensive urine. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see truly curative supplements, but for now nothing beats a healthy lifestyle.

  2. The following may or may not be due to my starting to take pygeum.

    For a number of years before 2010 I was having symptoms of BPH – frequent and urgent urination and difficulty in emptying my bladder at night. Night time frequency was on the order of 4-6 times, sometimes more.

    Just before a move from PA to MA at the beginning of 2010 my urologist mentioned pygeum. I started to take 2000 mg a day – one 1000 mg tablet twice a day. After a few months my symptoms improved. In typical night now I get up once or twice to urinate and emptying is generally easy and complete. Also during the day my frequency is down and urgency is less.

    My MA urologist did a ultrasound and said that my prostate is ” very large” (and fortunately cancer free). I am 71 years old.

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