Million Mile Month

Get Active to prevent heart diseaseCan individuals and communities in the United States complete one million miles of physical activity during the month of April?  That’s the goal of the Million Mile Month, a national coalition of organizations, companies, and churches.

“We want to help people get off their couches and walk or run or skip or dance, whatever activity is comfortable for them,” says Steve Amos who helped organize the event.

“Sitting is the new smoking,” he points out. Both were considered benign at one time, but we’re now learning that too much sitting, like smoking cigarettes, can shorten lives.

Amos and the event’s sponsors are encouraging communities to become more physically active by making it fun and challenging.

Anyone can participate by going online to and registering. “You can join for free,” says Amos.


Then beginning in April, you log onto the website and enter your minutes or miles and select an activity from a pulldown menu. Leaderboards keep track of the progress toward one million miles, as well as the top organizations, cities, and individuals during the month.

“We have to do more to eat right and to be active because the cost to our society is so great if we don’t,” Amos says.

“And we need to have people connected more with each other,” he adds. “We tend to live and work too much in isolation.” Amos hopes the Million Mile Month will be a catalyst for people to say something like, “Hey, our group, our team, our neighborhood is going to go for a walk together Thursday. Come join us!”

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