Fat in Food: Batter Up

Mozzarella sticks have hit the big time on restaurant appetizer menus. So it’s no surprise that supermarkets want in on the action. Enter Alexia Mozzarella Stix.


Just pop them in the oven for 10 minutes and dig in. But don’t dig too far. A serving is just two sticks (about an ounce). Alexia is probably using the FDA’s serving for cheese. Most people eat cheese in a sandwich, on crackers, or with other foods. They eat mozzarella sticks with…well, more mozzarella sticks.

If you split the 12-stick box with an unlucky companion, you’re each up to 360 calories and 7½ grams of saturated fat seasoned with 690 milligrams of sodium. Not in the mood to share? Maybe your fat cells will open up a new section for mozzarella-stick storage.


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3 Replies to “Fat in Food: Batter Up”

  1. Even if I didn’t care about the calories or the fat,the advertising offends me. Words like”all natural”,made with pure olive oil and real mozzarella” imply that there is the existence of fake products.And I’m not convinced that these aren’t and I have no idea what “all natural ” means(what an over used,underexplained phrase).Just correct and honest labelling would be great!
    PS Pure olive oil in the US markets can mean it contains canola oil too or a mixture of other oils. The only real olive oil comes from Spain or Italy.

  2. I use a kitchen scale to measure all meat, fish and hard cheese. One ounce of cheese can be very satisfying, but it’s not very big, and is hard for me to “eyeball” accurately.

    And good-quality cheese does not need breading, for heavens sake!

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