What Not to Eat for Lunch: This Sandwich from Maggiano's

Looking for a light lunch? Don’t look at Maggiano’s.

Every one of the chain’s sandwiches has at least 1,000 calories. But the Italian Sausage Sandwich is, well, special. Between the thick slices of focaccia, the sausage, the provolone, the “Italian Vegetables” (sliced bell peppers), and the marinara sauce, you’re already carrying an extra 1,590 calories back out to the car. Were you hoping to ingest two days’ worth of saturated fat (43 grams) and sodium (3,300 milligrams) in one quick lunch?


And that doesn’t count the “Parmesan Frites”—menu-speak for fries sprinkled with cheese. Now you’re up to 1,940 calories plus 47 grams of saturated fat and 4,010 milligrams of sodium. That’s more than any dish at Maggiano’s except the Veal Porterhouse, the Surf & Turf, or the dinner-sized Veal Parmesan. You might as well order three Pizza Hut Supreme Personal Pan Pizzas (pepperoni, pork sausage, beef, and veggies) for lunch. Unless you’re a lumberjack, the odds of working off 1,940 calories before dinner—or breakfast tomorrow—are somewhere between minuscule and nonexistent.

Your best bet: the Grilled Salmon Salad, which clocks in at (a still-not-that-low) 640 calories. (It would be lower without the “Linguine Crisps”—fried pasta—and the hefty pour of balsamic honey mustard dressing.)

Maggiano’s has a delightful Old World feel. But we’re not working in the fields anymore. The calories we burn come from going from the car to the couch.

Hello, headquarters? Anyone home?

Tell Maggiano’s what you think of their ridiculous sandwich: (800) 983-4637.


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3 Replies to “What Not to Eat for Lunch: This Sandwich from Maggiano's”

  1. Calling Corporate, IMHO, is counterproductive. The bean-counters will say (not incorrectly), “Any publicity is still publicity — it still gets the picture of the sandwich and is name before the public, and someone will see it and like it and order it, sat-fat and sodium and all.” Until healthful eating turns profitable, Food Inc. still wins and the engorgement of the West with the sugar/salt/fat holy trinity will continue on its money-driven obesity-inducing juggernaut-cum-gravy-train.

  2. I am going to Las Vegas and love their squash ravioli! How bad is that? What else would be a better choice other than salmon which I do not eat. thanks

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