Tips for minimizing saturated fat intake

Trade the sat fat in cream cheese for the unsaturated fat in peanut butter. Swap half the bagel for a banana.

Bagels and Saturated Fat

Many sandwiches get sat fat from both meat and cheese. Instead, try a turkey sandwich or veggie burger loaded with lettuce and tomato. Add mayo if you like.

Sandwiches and Saturated Fat

Remember when people didn’t order an entire personal pizza? Eat a small slice or two (with less cheese, no meat, and thin crust) and a salad.

Pizza and Saturated Fat

Meat and potatoes means sat fat and starch. You get more polys (and fewer carbs) from fish and vegetables. Add a side of salad with dressing and nuts instead of cheese.

Side Dishes and Saturated Fat

Most sweets are high in sat fat, white flour, and sugar. You’re better off with fruit and low-fat yogurt for dessert…and maybe a small cookie on the side.

Desserts and Saturated Fat

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