Food Safety Tips for Packing and Unpacking Your Food

How to pack your food safely:
• Keep raw meats and raw produce separated in shopping bags.
• Wash reusable bags regularly, or use disposable bags for raw meat items.
• Join a loyalty card program if your grocery store notifies customers if they buy a product that is later recalled.


How to unpack your food safely:
• Keep your fridge set at or slightly below 40˚F and your freezer at 0˚F.
• Put the items that need to stay coldest on the main shelves of the fridge rather than on the shelves in the door.
• Clean your fridge’s shelves and bins regularly with cleaning spray, soapy water, or a homemade bleach solution.
• Discard or freeze leftovers containing meat/poultry, dairy, seafood, or eggs after four days.
• Don’t rely on expiration and use-by dates exclusively to decide whether to discard items.


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