Purchase the Safest Organic Produce and Salads

With so many options, the supermarket can be overwhelming, and making sure you are buying the freshest and safest food for you and your family is quite a task. Here are some tips for navigating the produce section of your supermarket to make sure you don’t unknowingly buy contaminated food:

Bagged salads. A single head of contaminated lettuce can contribute leaves to dozens of bags of salad mix or contaminate the water that’s used to clean all the salads that are bagged in a day. If you have a weakened immune system or just want to play it safe, go for intact heads or hearts.


If you buy bagged greens that come washed, don’t rewash them; you may expose them to potentially harmful bacteria that could be lurking in your sink.

“Certified Organic.” There are plenty of reasons to buy organic produce, but it’s just as likely to be contaminated as any other produce, domestic or imported. So are locally grown fruits and vegetables.


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