Recall Alert: Is Your Hamburger Meat Safe for Memorial Day Weekend?

An outbreak from ground beef contaminated with E. coli is making consumers sick across the country—in four states so far—and has led to a recall of almost 2 million pounds of ground beef. If you plan to cook burgers at home or eat them at a restaurant for Memorial Day, take extra care to ensure that you and your families don’t get sick:

• Wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat (of any kind) and sanitize all surfaces meat may have touched, to avoid cross-contamination
• Cook burgers to 160 degrees as measured by an instant-read thermometer in the thickest part of the meat
• If you order burgers in a restaurant, make sure to order them “cooked thoroughly (to 160)”


You should also check here to see if your grocery store carried any of the recalled product:

For CSPI’s advice on how to stay safe during grilling season, click here:

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Here is a map depicting the states affected by the recall:

Outbreak Map

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