Tips for Grocery Shopping Safely

While most food is safe to eat, one out of six Americans will still get sick from eating contaminated food this year. Knowing how to safely shop for food at your supermarket may help reduce your chances of becoming ill. Here are some tips on how to navigate your supermarket and ensure you are purchasing the safest food possible:


Loyalty Cards. If your supermarket chain offers a loyalty card, get one. Some stores use them to contact shoppers who have bought a food that is recalled for contamination.

Handling. Grab some plastic bags. When you get to the meat, poultry, and seafood, use each bag like a glove to pick up and wrap packages. Keep raw meat and seafood at the bottom of your shopping cart, separate from the produce. At the checkout counter, use a paper bag for meats and seafood (recycle it when you get home) and a washable, reusable cloth bag for other groceries.


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