Holiday gift ideas for healthy eaters

Still hunting for a holiday gift idea for a healthy eater in your life? Or maybe you’re wondering what to put on your own wish list. Pair Salad Days! with one of these essential kitchen tools:


A must-have for making salad dressing. Nothing fancy…just a medium-sized stainless steel whisk that feels comfortable in your hand. You’ll be using it a lot, so why not get two. Whisk away!

A really big bowl

The best way to whisk a dressing or toss a salad is in a giant bowl. Tossing by hand is the gentlest way to get the dressing well distributed without bruising delicate leaves. It’s easiest to do that in a large, low, wide bowl. Try a lightweight, stainless steel one.

One good knife

You can do almost everything with a good chef’s knife. Look for one that feels comfortable and well-balanced in your hand, with a 6-to-9-inch blade. Keep your blade sharp with an electric or manual sharpener.

Cutting board

Wood, bamboo, and plastic are all fine. Avoid anything (like marble) that will dull your knife. If the board moves around when you use it, put a damp paper towel or thin dish cloth under it to keep it in place.

Rasp grater (microplane)

Great for grating hard cheeses, ginger, garlic, nutmeg, and citrus zest. Store it in its original plastic sheath, to protect the tines while the grater knocks around in the kitchen drawer.

Pepper mill

The lively flavor of freshly ground pepper will more than make up for the cost of a quality wooden pepper mill. Not convinced? Buy a plastic or glass mill that’s filled with peppercorns in the spices section of the grocery store. If you get one that you can refill, you’ll end up with a free mill.

Salad spinner

For drying greens, this gizmo rocks. You can even store your washed and spun lettuce in the spinner. If not, put your greens in a plastic zipper bag with a paper towel. Puff up the bag to make it into a pillow to protect the leaves from being bruised.


Enjoy this article? Salad Days!—the latest cookbook from Nutrition Action’s Healthy Cook, Kate Sherwood—will help you expand your repertoire with imaginative combinations of greens, vegetables, herbs, whole grains, and proteins. You’ll find healthy variations on classics like Chicken Caesar and Cobb, as well as more adventurous combos like Black Beans & Red Rice with Smoked Paprika Dressing and Sesame Shrimp with Caramelized Shallot Citrus Dressing.

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