How to Diet While Eating Out

Order from the lower-cal menu. BJ’s calls them Enlightened Entrees (less than 795 calories). At The Cheesecake Factory, they’re SkinnyLicious (less than 590 calories). Or take home half of a regular dish for tomorrow.


Skip the beef, bun, and fries. At Red Robin, for example, that means ordering Bottomless Steamed Broccoli instead of Bottomless Steak Fries and getting a Simply Grilled Chicken Burger or The Garden Burger instead of a hamburger. And ask for your burger “bunless.” Many chains will wrap it in fresh lettuce. (Adiós, 250 calories’ worth of white flour.) Too bold? See if they have a whole-grain bun.

Lighten your pizza. Order a thin (preferably whole-grain) crust instead of deep-dish, pan, or hand-tossed. Ask for less cheese. Top with veggies, chicken, or seafood instead of sausage, beef, bacon, salami, or pepperoni.

Ditch the chips and combos. At Mexican joints, ask for no chips. Instead of a combo meal, order one or two chicken or fish tacos or enchiladas à la carte (around 250 calories each). Getting black beans instead of refried could save you 50 to 150 calories.


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