Calories in Food: Latte: Tea or Coffee?

Are you better off with a latte made with tea or one made with espresso?

A coffee (espresso) latte may be better, because some tea lattes are loaded with sugar. A Starbucks grande (16 oz.) Green Tea Latte made with nonfat milk, for example, has 290 calories. That’s more than the Earl Grey (150), Chai (210), or Chocolate Chai (240) Tea Latte. A venti (20 oz.) Green Tea Latte hits 370 calories.


In contrast, a grande Caffè Latte made with nonfat milk has just 130 calories (from the milk). Vanilla or other sweetened lattes have around 200 calories, but the Skinny lattes (made with the questionable sweetener sucralose) have just 120.

Tip: Cut calories even more with a grande nonfat Cappuccino (80), Caffè Misto (70), or coffee and a packet of sugar (20).


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2 Replies to “Calories in Food: Latte: Tea or Coffee?”

  1. I used to be an espresso latte drinker for this very reason as those teas are very sweet! However, I had to switch to plain coffee as I found out that espresso (or any unfiltered coffee) raises bad cholesterol. When I quit expresso, as well as my French press, my LDL dropped 30 points! So I caution anyone with cholesterol issues against drinking expresso!

  2. I don’t purchase coffee or tea very often from Starbucks or similar coffee shops but when I do, I get the tea lattes without the sweetener. One day, a barista at Starbucks leaned across the counter and whispered to me “Just order a tea misto – it’s not on the wall menu but all the staff know that it’s just tea with hot milk, no sweetener. It’s a lot cheaper.” So, that’s what I do and he was right – they all know what it is…and it IS cheaper!

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