Low-Sodium Bread Passes the Taste Test

Worried that lower-salt bread won’t taste good?

When researchers offered 38 young people bread that was gradually cut in salt each week, first by 31 and then by 52 percent, they ate no less bread than 39 young people offered bread with no sodium cuts. Only when the researchers cut salt by 67 percent did the people eat less bread.


However, when the scientists replaced some of the bread’s salt (sodium chloride) with potassium chloride and yeast extract, even a 67 percent drop in sodium didn’t curb bread intake.

What to do: Look for lower-sodium breads. Aim for about 100 milligrams or less per slice. Many breads hover around 200 mg per slice.

Source: J. Nutr. 141: 2249, 2011.

Low-Sodium Breads Chart

List of Breads with Low Sodium

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