Salt in Food: Souper Sneaky

On the back of the Campbell’s Go Soup labels are instructions to microwave the pouch and “pour soup into bowl.”


Campbell must have meant “bowls,” because the Nutrition Facts apply to a measly one cup (8 oz.) of soup—a little more than half of the 14 oz. non-resealable pouch.

Let’s see. That means the Golden Lentil with Madras Curry Go Soup, for example, has 280 (not 160) calories, 10½ (not 6) grams of saturated fat, and 1,350 (not 770) milligrams of sodium. Hmm.

It’s not just Go Soups. Most soup companies hide behind the FDA’s one-cup serving when they know better.

high sodium in campbell's lentil soup


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7 Replies to “Salt in Food: Souper Sneaky”

  1. the first thing I look at on the label is the sodium content, then the serving size. most Campells products go right back on the shelf!! I won’t buy it! they should be made to be truthful on the label. who is going to only eat half a pouch of soup??

  2. Deceptive advertising is hardly limited to Campbell’s soup. It’s everywhere and it’s annoying, but a savvy consumer should be able to do the math and make a smart choice. What upsets me far more than deceptive labeling is LACK of information, e.g., the origin of a food product. “Distributed” in the USA tells me nothing.

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