Sugar in Food: Don’t Mix The Sugar in with Your Yogurt!

“Chocolate-covered balls of crispy rice cereal. What could possibly be more fun?” asks the Müller Corner with Choco Balls Web site. “Dipping and swirling them into smooth, creamy, lowfat vanilla yogurt, that’s what.”


Yup. It’s hard to think of anything more fun than stirring (mostly) sugar, cocoa butter, milk, white rice flour, and milled wheat into sugar-laden yogurt that’s been thickened with corn starch and gelatin.

Companies are tossing all sorts of mix-ins into (or in a separate chamber next to) their yogurts. Unfortunately, most add more sugar (as granola, fruit preserves, cookies, or candy) to already-sweetened yogurt. Think granola with chocolate milk.

The best of the bunch: Alpina Revive Plain 0% Greek pairs 100 calories’ worth of unsweetened non-fat greek yogurt with 40 calories’ worth of granola (mostly oats, honey, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and dried blackberries and cherries). You get 17 grams of protein and 15 percent of a day’s calcium, with much less added sugar (no more than half a teaspoon, we estimate) than usual.

Want fewer calories? Try 3.5 oz. containers of Chobani Bite (yogurt with sweetened fruit, caramel, and/or chocolate) or YoCrunch Yopa! Greek (sweetened flavored yogurt plus whole-grain granola or chocolate). They hover around 100 calories, but only because they’re so petite. Still, if you’re looking for a snack, they’ve got more protein (8 grams) and calcium (10 percent of a day’s worth) and less saturated fat than an ice cream or candy bar.

Or you could add your own fruit, nuts, or unsweetened muesli to plain, unsweetened yogurt. Now you’re talking.

Mix-in Yogurt
As good as you’ll get with mix-ins.


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