Are Veggie Tortilla Chips a Giant Gimmick?

“Made with Real Vegetables,” says the Green Giant Garden Ranch Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips bag. “The deliciousness of garden vegetables and ranch flavor are paired to create a truly flavorful snacking experience.”


Since when does a snack that’s made mostly of corn (even if it’s whole grain) and oil deserve to talk about “garden vegetables”? Turns out the chips have more ground corn, sunflower oil, and buttermilk powder than dried bell peppers, and more evaporated cane syrup (sugar) and salt than dried broccoli, tomatoes, or carrots.

Not to be outdone, Good Health Natural Foods Veggie Chips have more potato flour and oil than tomato and spinach purée—their main (non-potato) veggies.

Giant Gimmick

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  1. Is there anything in the archives about sesame seeds. I think I read one, but did not save it. I really like your publication that I have taken for 14 years. This is the first email I read in the morning. Thanks, Judy

    1. from Nutrition Action Healthletter Jan-Feb 2013:
      MYTH: Nuts, seeds, and popcorn lead to diverticular disease. Stay away from nuts, popcorn, corn, and caraway, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, and other seeds. That’s what doctors told patients with symptoms of diverticular disease until 2008. That’s when a study that tracked 47,000 men for 18 years found a lower risk of diverticulitis or diverticular bleeding among men who ate the most popcorn or nuts than among those who ate the least, and no link with corn or seeds.

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