CINN-A-STACK French Toast is Another Example of What Not to Eat at IHOP

UPDATE: Since we published this story in the October 2012 edition of Nutrition Action Healthletter, this item has been removed from the IHOP menu.

Ho-hum. Apparently, that’s what many IHOP diners think of the chain’s Original French Toast.

After all, its “six fluffy triangle-shaped slices topped with whipped butter and powdered sugar” have a mere 1,120 calories, 13 grams of saturated fat, and 11 teaspoons of added sugar (if you use the usual four tablespoons of syrup).


Maybe that’s why the chain came up with CINN-A-STACK French Toast— “A stack of three slices of thick-cut French toast layered with a declicious cinnamon roll filling, then drizzled with rich cream cheese icing and crowned with whipped topping.”

Now you’re talking. What’s French toast without filling and icing and whipped cream? With the syrup, the CINN-A-STACK delivers 16 grams of saturated fat and the calories (1,340) and added sugar (20½ teaspoons) of 1½ Cinnabon Classic Rolls. Urp!

IHOP does offer a SIMPLE & FIT Whole Wheat French Toast Combo, which comes with sliced banana (so you can skip the syrup), scrambled egg substitute, and turkey bacon. It’s still too high in sodium (930 mg), but with 490 calories and only 4 grams of saturated fat, it’s IHOP’s version of diet food.

To let IHOP know what you think about their CINN-A-STACK French Toast, call them at (866) 444-5144.

CINN-A-STACK French Toast

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