Milano Thanks

“Now the perfect harmony found in the Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie is available in a delicious cake,” says the Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Cake package.

“Temptingly moist vanilla cake, surrounded by delicious chocolate buttercream icing and topped with real Milano cookie crumbles,” adds the box. Translation: Pepperidge Farm is using its popular Milano name to sell a mixture of sugar, partially hydrogenated oils, white flour, and a paragraph of other ingredients. It does the same with its new Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cake.


Really? Most companies have bent over backwards to get partially hydrogenated oils out of their foods so they can slap a “0 grams trans fat” claim on their labels, and Pepperidge Farm is pumping out new cakes made with partially hydrogenated oil?

According to the label, a serving of Milano Cookie Cake is 2.2 ounces (an eighth of a cake) and has 250 calories. But food-labeling rules say that a serving of a cake like this one is 2.8 ounces—about a sixth of a Milano Cookie Cake.

That brings the damage to 310 calories, plus 5½ teaspoons of added sugar (about a day’s quota), 6½ grams of saturated fat (a third of a day’s worth), and 2½ grams of trans fat (1¼ days’ limit, though any trans is too much).

Attention arteries and fat cells: Incoming!

Shrink the serving. Tuck in some trans. Did Pepperidge Farm think no one would notice?

Tell Pepperidge Farm what you think about its Milano Cookie Cake: (888) 737-7374

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