What Not to Eat: SpecuLoser

“A delicious European alternative to peanut butter,” says the Lotus Creamy Biscoff Spread jar.


“This rich, deeply flavorful Belgium Speculoos spread is a delicious way to enhance toast, bagels, waffles, crepes, croissants, cakes & fruit,” says Natural Nectar’s Speculoos.

Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter was its top-selling product of 2012. Some stores had to ration their supplies.

Really? Speculoos is mostly white flour, sugar, and oil. (Talk about cheap ingredients. Someone’s cashing in.) Its calories (about 200 in two tablespoons) and saturated fat (2 to 3 grams) resemble peanut butter’s, but Speculoos has virtually none of peanut butter’s protein, fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, copper, zinc, or other nutrients.

Why not just spread puréed cookies on your toast?

Lotus Biscoff Spread


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  1. I don’t really think it’s being marketed as a health food or a replacement for nut butters. It’s usually referred to as “cookie butter spread,” so I think it’s use is limited to desserts and other treats, things people hopefully aren’t basing their diets around. But as far as the actual individual ingredients, they’re all natural. Health-promoting? Not so much, but natural, yes.

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