These restaurant burgers are over the top

Mac and cheese, chili, eggs, hash browns, omelets, buffalo wings—probably not what you’re thinking of when you hear “burger toppings.” What happened to the good old days when a burger was a patty, a bun, and maybe some lettuce, tomato, and mayo?

America’s restaurants are piling on the toppings so high that one false move will send a burger toppling to the floor. Here’s a sampling of some of the most outrageous burgers on menus now.

The Big-er Mac?

It’s back. “Craving something big?” asks McDonald’sThat’s the Grand Mac—an even bigger version of the classic Big Mac—that first showed up on McD’s menus for a limited time in 2017.

The Grand Mac has “two larger 100% pure beef [patties] sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. All dressed with two times the special sauce, crisp lettuce, onions, pickles and two slices of American cheese.” The Grand Mac will set you back 860 calories, about 300 more than the original Big Mac. And that’s without fries or a soda.

The Grand Mac also packs about a day’s worth of saturated fat and sodium. You might as well eat three of McD’s cheeseburgers.

Breakfast on a burger

Take Applebee’s All-Day Brunch Burger. Just what we needed. “Seared in: bacon & onion,” says the menu. “Piled on: fried egg, crispy hashbrowns, American cheese and ketchup.” Yup. What’s a burger without bacon, eggs, and hash browns on it? And in case you haven’t had enough carbs from the white bun and potatoes, Applebee’s serves fries on the side. What? No room for some pancakes or toast?

The burger alone has 27 grams (1½ days’ worth) of saturated fat, 355 milligrams (a day’s supply) of cholesterol, and 2,550 milligrams (1½ days’ worth) of sodium. With fries, you’re talking 1,600 calories. That’s like eating two McDonald’s Big Macs, each topped with hash browns, plus an Egg McMuffin for dessert.

Eggs on a burger sound odd to you? It doesn’t to IHOP (Denver Omelette Burger),  Denny’s (Slamburger), or Chili’s (Sunrise Burger).

“A great American bar and grill needs a killer burger,” said Applebee’s in an August 2015 press release. Can’t argue with that.

The Whole Hog

There’s over the top, and then there’s Uno Pizzeria & Grill’s Whole Hog Burger. In 2016 we gave the Whole Hog an Xtreme Eating Award for having “OVER A POUND OF MEAT. Hamburger, sausage, bacon, prosciutto and pepperoni. PLUS–Four types of cheese, garlic mayo & pickles.” Bonus: it’s served with french fries and onion rings.

The entire platter has a jaw-dropping 2,750 calories—more than a 24-hour supply. And don’t forget the four days’ worth of sat fat (80 grams) and nearly a three-day stockpile of sodium (6,610 mg).

You might as well eat three McDonald’s Quarter Pounders with Cheese and two medium fries doused with 1/2 stick of melted butter and 9 packets of salt. Urp!

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5 Replies to “These restaurant burgers are over the top”

  1. The Grand Mac is actually the original Big Mac size wise. Through the years McD’s has shrunken it down to it’s current weight. Everyone in the food industry is cutting back! I was around when the Big Mac was first introduced. I believe it was between 1966 – 1969.

  2. When I see the commercials for some of these burgers I wonder why anyone would want to put these in their body and challenge their digestive system. Several years ago Applebee’s did a burger with pineapple and that was tasty. Can’t remember the last time I ate French fries. I have cut back on my consumption of ground beef. I recently did make a recipe for a ground beef risotto that I did enjoy but when I look at the beef prices in the supermarket I really feel like I can continue to live without beef in my diet except as an occasional treat or perhaps beef that is included in a can of soup and I know canned soup has a lot of sodium, also on occasion a package of good quality Angus beef franks knowing I can put some in the freezer.

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