What Not to Eat at LongHorn Steakhouse

“Pack your bags, BLT,” says LongHorn Steakhouse. “There’s a new sandwich in town.”

Who needs bacon, lettuce, and tomato when you can dig into the LongHorn Cheesy BPT, which packs “fried green tomato, creamy pimiento cheese & crispy bacon” between two slices of white toast?


Wait ‘til you see it. You’ll barely recognize the thin slice of green tomato, which is buried inside a layer of fried breading. (Nothing like breading nestled inside your bread.) And who was the genius who thought of replacing a few leaves of fresh lettuce with a buttload of bright orange cheese?

The sandwich delivers 1,530 calories and 36 grams of saturated fat (nearly two days’ worth), plus 2,850 milligrams (a day’s supply) of sodium. That’s more calories and saturated fat than any of LongHorn’s burgers, ribs, or steaks (including the 20 oz. Porterhouse). Nice.

And heaven forbid you eat just a sandwich. The Cheesy BPT comes with fries.

Now you’re looking at 1,990 calories (done for the day!). Think of your BPT and fries as a platter of four Big Macs. And for 99 cents, you can upgrade to Parmesan Garlic fries, which upgrades the calories to 2,090 (and the saturated fat to 43 grams and the sodium to 3,750 mg). Oy!

Why not try something lighter off the lunch menu, like the Grilled Chicken & Strawberry Salad, the LongHorn Salmon, the Spinach Feta Chicken, or (if you came for steak) the 6 oz. Flo’s Filet? With broccoli or green beans on the side, each has just 250 to 690 calories.

BPT is the new “boss,” says LongHorn. Nope. You are.

To let LongHorn know what you think about this over-indulgent sandwich, call them at (407) 245-4000 or visit their website, longhornsteakhouse.com.

LongHorn Cheesy BPT

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