What Not to Eat: Stay Away from These Half-Pound Peanut Butter Cups

“It’s a dream come true for peanut butter lovers: two gigunda REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups in one enormous package!” says The Hershey’s Store website.


Go ahead. Pinch yourself. You’re not dreaming. Each package really does contain two half-pound Peanut Butter Cups, each of which delivers half a day’s calories (1,150), more than a whole day’s saturated fat (24 grams), and an estimated 29 teaspoons of added sugar (roughly five days’ worth for women and a three-day supply for men). That makes each monster cup the equivalent of about 11 regular Reese’s cups.

If you think a half-pound cup is too much to eat at one sitting, fire up YouTube. You’ll find a slew of videos of people scarfing down a gigunda in minutes; one guy took just 1 minute and 28 seconds. Yay.

Expecting to shed the extra calories at the gym? You’d need to lift weights for five hours straight to burn them off. Maybe that’s why Hershey suggests that you “incorporate them into your strength training regimen.” (Not a bad idea; you could eat one cup with your right hand while doing biceps curls with the other cup in your left hand.)

Of course, if you quit after, say, a mere two hours, your body will have to stash the leftovers in a batch of shiny new fat cells. And that won’t be a dream.

The half-pound cups “will delight the most serious peanut butter lover,” says Hershey. Perhaps. But, at $14.95 for a two-pack, they’re sure to delight the company’s bean counters a whole lot more.

To let The Hershey’s Store know what you think about these gluttonous peanut butter cups visit hersheysstore.com or call them at (877) 798-2226.

Gigunda Reeses

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