Here’s What Not to Order at Yard House

“Our chefs are immersed in the world’s emerging food trends,” says the web­site for Yard House, a 52-location chain in 22 states.

We didn’t know there was a two desserts in one trend. If there is, Yard House’s S’mores Brownie—a gra­ham cracker crust filled with a brownie topped with roasted marshmallows—is on its leading edge.

Not so trendy: the 1,490 calories and 26 grams (more than a day’s worth) of saturated fat, all that white flour, and the 36 teaspoons of (mostly) added sugar. That’s a 4-day supply for men and 6 days’ worth for women.

Calorie-wise, the S’mores beats the Macadamia Nut Cheesecake (1,360) or any other Yard House dessert. You might as well order two Quarter Pounders with Cheese smoth­ered in 30 packets of sugar.

And that’s after you’ve polished off an appetizer like the Onion Ring Tower (1,340 calories) plus maybe a New York Steak Sandwich with sweet potato fries (1,910 calories).

The chain does devote a section of its menu to meat-free Gardein, but a 2,330-calorie Gardein Orange Peel Chicken (400 calories more than the real-chicken version)? C’mon.

Forget the S’Mores. Yard House could use a lot S’Less.

To tell Yard House what you think of these unhealthy dishes, call the company (Darden) at 407-245-4000 or visit the Yard House website.

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