Why ‘Cheetos are everywhere now’

June 2016: Burger King and Frito-Lay unleash Mac n’ Cheetos—portable bites of mac and cheese in a Cheeto-flavored crust. The limited-time-only item sells out at Burger King in weeks.

October 2017: Frozen boxes of Mac n’ CheetosCreamy Cheddar or Flamin’ Hot—hit supermarket freezer cases across the country.

“Cheetos are everywhere now,” CNN.com reported in December.

Yup. Now you can just roll off the couch and shuffle into the kitchen whenever you feel yourself running dangerously low on calories (just three thumb-size pieces of Creamy Cheddar pack 260) or refined carbs or saturated fat (4 grams) or sodium (520 milligrams).

Mac n’ Cheetos may look like mini mozzarella sticks, but ounce for ounce they have no more protein than Cheetos. That’s because they contain more water, white flour, and oil than cheese.

But don’t worry. They’ve got enough artificial flavors, food dyes (Yellow 5 and 6), starches (potato, corn), gums (acacia, cellulose, xanthan), acids (citric, lactic, sorbic), phosphates, and MSG to make Cheetos fans feel right at home.

“With the release of Mac n’ Cheetos for at-home consumption, fans now have the ability to up their snacking game with this crowd-pleasing favorite,” crowed Frito-Lay’s senior director of marketing innovation in a press release.

Some game.

Photo: Jennifer Urban/CSPI.

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12 Replies to “Why ‘Cheetos are everywhere now’”

  1. Thank you for making it clear how bad that is. I think anyone with common sense almost intuitively knows that can’t be good for you, but it is nice to have the facts to back that up just in case anyone wants to argue with you that it is okay to eat.

    1. People in poor neighborhoods don’t know. Kids come into school everyday eating this kind of garbage. Parents feed their toddlers this stuff along with sugary koolaid type drinks. It’s really sad to watch.

  2. Eat junky food or drink wine? I couldn’t do both without being way overweight. So I made a decision 4 years ago to eat as fresh as possible.

  3. What about the fried Twinkies I see in the freezer case of the store? Or how about the Velveeta snacks. No thank you.

  4. No different than most of the fake food on every isle! Junk foods, sugar drinks, imitation colors and flavors and mystery ingredients. I say “Ban fake food”! Poor a bowl of cereal, make a peanut butter sandwich, cook up a yummy pot of beans and pop some pop corn! Learn to cook!! But stop buying fake food!

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