Wondering What Not to Eat? Look No Further than Bertolli’s Italian Sausage Torta.

“Sausage in a rich marinara sauce with layers of ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheese surrounded by a golden flaky crust.”

That’s Bertolli, waxing poetic over its “New!” Italian Sausage Italian Style Torta, which turns out to be nothing more than a frozen pot pie with an Italian-style gourmet shtick.


“Pair with Pinot Grigio,” suggests the box. “Light, crisp flavor.” But, as an article on bakingbusiness.com explained, parent company ConAgra is simply “capitalizing on demand for its Marie Callender’s and Banquet pot pie platform.”

Are we in luck, or what?

Each petite pie is just 5 inches across and 1½ inches high, yet it manages to pack 720 calories, a full day’s saturated fat (19 grams), and two-thirds of a day’s sodium (1,060 milligrams) into that itty, bitty space. It’s like polishing off a plate of Olive Garden Spaghetti & Meat Sauce, but with more than twice the sat fat.

Got no room for 720 calories from white flour, pork sausage, cheese blend, and other gourmet ingredients? No problem! Your body will just set up some more storage space where your waist used to be.

Bertolli’s Three Cheese Marinara Italian Style Torta isn’t much better.

Tip: anything that looks like a pot pie, regardless of what it’s called, is perfect for padding your new pot belly.

Tell Bertolli what you think of their calorie-filled tortas by visiting their website villabertolli.com or giving them a call at (800) 418-2302.

Bertollis Italian Sausage Torta

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