Best Foods, Worst Foods

Science has already proven the relationship between diet and disease. Eat food that’s full of beneficial nutrients, and you can improve your health. But, regularly eat bad foods, and you’re exposing yourself to diet-related diseases that can cut your life short.

Did you know that watermelon and butternut squash make the list of ten best foods, the healthiest foods? To see the full list of 10 best foods that can help you live a longer, healthier, happier life, click here for What to Eat: 10 Best Foods.

And for the worst foods, we name names! Brand-name foods that are the worst of the worst include a Starbucks Venti (20 oz.) White Chocolate Mocha with 2% milk and whipped cream (it’s worse than eating a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese!)…and Campbell’s regular Condensed Soups (full of too much sodium). To see the full list of 10 worst foods (and some healthy alternatives), click here for What Not to Eat: 10 Worst Foods.

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