Celebrate Hummus Day with New Flavors

Mark your calendar. May 13 is Hummus Day. Really!

But before you stock up on yummy Sabra, check out the upstart in the dip case. (Sabra, part-owned by PepsiCo, is the market leader.)

Eat Well Embrace Life calls itself the “Other Bean” hummus. It ain’t kiddin’.

No mashed chickpeas here. In­stead, you’ll find hummus’s tradi­tional tahini (sesame paste) mixed with some other bean or Hummusvegetable, plus ingredients you might not expect in a dip.

Not your Aunt’s hummus

Dip into intriguing lick-your-lips flavors like Spicy Red Lentil Chipotle,Wasabi Edamame, Sweet & Spicy Black Bean, Beet, Cucum­ber, Zesty Sriracha Carrot, and Spicy Yellow Lentil.

Each serving—two flat table­spoons—has just 50-or-so calories and about 100 milligrams of sodium, and zero saturated fat. Just remember to multiply if you keep scooping after tablespoon number two. (A single- serve Sabra container has about 4 tablespoons.)

And if you only think of hummus as a dip, check out the recipes on Eat Well Embrace Life’s website. How does Hummus Avocado Salad Dress­ing sound? Or Hummus Stuffed Cher­ry Tomatoes? Or Salmon with Crispy Hummus Crust?

Hummus-crusted salmon? Who knew?


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5 Replies to “Celebrate Hummus Day with New Flavors”

  1. Love to try these “OtherBean” hummus products … Please tell me where to find them. I’m guessing my Fred Meyer Market won’t have them right away.

  2. Its unbelievable, what stuff they put in processed foods. Those big companies wanting to make you think the stuff is healthy… Just make your own hummus. Its easy.

  3. Benighted soul that I am, I had no idea that May 13 had been deemed National Hummus Day—but I’ll be sure to celebrate that date henceforth. But why stop there? Why not anoint May 14 as National Garlic Hummus Day, May 15 as National Red Pepper Hummus Day, May 16 as National Pine Nut Hummus Day, etc.? Enquiring minds want to know.

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