Dip your vegetables into something new and savory

Hummus owns the dip aisle and is now a staple in one out of four homes.

But new competition is hitting store shelves. A slew of creamy, savory dips made with greek yogurt pair deliciously with just about any crisp veggies.

Fewer calories than other dips

“80% less fat and 65% fewer calories than the leading hummus,” say Chobani’s new Chobani DipMezé Dips. “60% fewer calories per serving compared to leading ranch dip,” boasts Sabra’s Farmer’s Ranch Greek Yogurt Dip.

At 25 to 60 calories in two tablespoons, yogurt dips are slightly better for your waistline than hummus’ 40 to 80 calories. Chobani’s surprisingly thick and creamy Mezés are lowest with just 25 calories.

Just don’t expect the same shot of protein that you’d get in a tub of greek yogurt. You’re talking 2 or 3 grams in two tablespoons here. That’s not bad for a dip, but it’s far from the 13 to 15 grams in a 5 ounce plain greek yogurt.

What if you eat 5 ounces (10 tablespoons) of one of Chobani’s Mezé Dips? The calories (130) and protein (15 grams) are good, but the sodium (480 to 650 mg) isn’t.

And don’t think that yogurt dips with vegetables already mixed in provide so many veggies that you can safely reach for the chips. “Half a serving of farm market-fresh vegetables per container,” boasts Sabra’s Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip. That’s only about ¼ cup of veggies in the entire nine-serving container.

What about flavor?Cedar's

Our taste favorite, Cedar’s Tzatziki, is the traditional Greek dip made with yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill or mint, and salt. Others, like Chobani Mezé Smoked Onion & Parmesan or Chili Lime, break new ground for yogurt taste.

Another winner: Sabra’s Spinach Parmesan Greek Yogurt Dip is a dead ringer for the cheesy spinach dips on many restaurant menus, but much better for you and your heart.


Brands to look for

We gave “Best Bite” awards to the three highlighted greek yogurt dips because they contain no more than 130 milligrams of sodium and 1½ grams of saturated fat in two level tablespoons.Yogurt Dip Chart

Make your own yogurt dip

Feeling creative? Try this simple six-ingredient yogurt-tahini dip from our amazing Healthy Cook, Kate Sherwood.


Yogurt-Tahini Dip

This yogurt-tahini dip isn’t just for crudités. It also makes a knock-your-socks-off sauce for grilled chicken or vegetables.

½ cup 0% greek yogurt
¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 Tbs. tahini
2 Tbs. fresh lemon juice
1 small clove garlic, finely minced
½ tsp. kosher salt

Whisk all ingredients together in a small bowl. Makes 1 cup.

Per 2 Tbs: 90 calories, 125 mg sodium.


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