Give Muesli a Try

“Originally developed in the late 1800’s by a Swiss nutritionist, Muesli is a delightful cereal made from a blend of whole grains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds,” explains the label of Bob’s Red Mill Old Country Style Muesli.


Delightful is right, whether you microwave or boil it for 3 to 5 minutes with milk or water to make a hearty hot cereal, or you just stir it into your milk or yogurt cold.

Either way, you’ve got a bowl of “whole grain rolled oats, wheat, rye, triticale and barley, along with sweet and chewy dates and raisins, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts for a high energy Muesli,” according to the label.

Okay. Forget that last part. When a label talks about “energy,” it means “calories,” not an energy boost. And speaking of calories, odds are you’ll get more than the 110 that are listed on the Nutrition Facts panel. That’s for a quarter-cup serving that won’t even cover the bottom of some bowls.

So let’s say you use half a cup and get 220 calories’ worth of cereal. Don’t worry. They come with 8 grams of fiber, 8 grams of protein, and no sodium. And the Muesli’s whole grains are intact, which means they’ll help keep you regular (and help keep a lid on your blood sugar levels) better than whole grains that have been ground into flour. Bonus: there’s no sugar beyond what comes naturally from the raisins and dates.

When Bob says “Old Country Style,” he means it.

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  1. I’ve used Bob’s Red Mill Bulgur (cracked wheat) as a breakfast cereal for years. 1/4 cup plumps up nicely for a serving that provides 140 cal, 30g crbs, 5g protein and 7 g fiber and only .5 g fat. Want to dress it up a bit, try their dried cranberries or a touch of cinnamon.

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