Is this the best-tasting thin-sliced whole-wheat bread?

“The best bread in the universe,” says the website for Dave’s Killer Bread.Dave's Killer Bread

The universe is pretty big, but if we confine ourselves to the best packaged whole-grain bread we’ve ever tasted, the website is on to something.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you may already know the story: Dave Dahl rejoined the family baking business in 2005, after 15 years in prison.

He soon started baking his own line of organic breads, which he sold at the Portland Farmers Market. Dave’s compelling personal story, and his breads’ knock-your-socks off taste, were an irresistible combo.

The trouble with Dave’s (or anybody’s) bread: two slices can easily top 200 calories and 300 milligrams of sodium…before you put anything inside.

Solution: thin-sliced breads. And none are as nutty and as satisfying as Dave’s Thin-Sliced 21 Whole Grains and Seeds and Thin-Sliced Good Seed, which are now available in stores nationwide. Each slashes the calories and sodium—but not the fresh-from-the-oven taste—by about a third.

Memo to Dave: Ever thought about a line of parolls?

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7 Replies to “Is this the best-tasting thin-sliced whole-wheat bread?”

  1. I love what you do, NA, but seriously, Parolls? That’s the kind of (bad) joke you make about someone’s past if you’re A) the embarrassing loud-mouthed drunken uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, or B) someone who knows Dave well enough to know that he appreciates that kind of insensitive jerkiness. Here’s hoping it’s B.

    1. It was B! (Whew!) Here’s Dave’s email to us: “Thanks so much for sending over that digital copy, and for writing such a wonderful review! So glad you all enjoyed the bread. We also had quite a chuckle over here about “parrolls”.”

  2. I tried this bread today and was very disappointed after reading the positive review. It tasted way too sweet for me. After all, 5 g of sugar per slice is too much.

  3. After reading the article, I found the bread at our local Hannaford. The taste really is the best. So many commercial breads have a funny flavor that doesn’t belong in bread. And, I appreciate the mix of 21 grains and seeds which adds to the texture. I also think the thinner slices make the loaf last longer. Thanks for the info!

  4. Dave’s Bread truly is delicious, but it’s rather high priced. There are other brands of delicious, organic multi-grain and seed breads that are less expensive. Try Franz breads, for example. Or, at my local Fred Meyer store, their Simple Truth Organic breads (which I believe to be Franz breads re-packaged and sold at a lower price.)

  5. Dave’s Killer Thin-Sliced Seed Bread is delicious and I am pleased that it is also nutritious. This is now our favorite bread.

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