Do you know how to dodge disease with diet?

Do soy foods cause breast cancer? Do multivitamins boost immunity? Do any foods protect your memory?

Here’s a quiz to see how well you know which foods or supplements can help prevent which diseases. If the questions seem hard, it’s because they’re a sneaky way to get you to read the answers, which are packed with useful facts.

Click below to take the quiz on our sister website,, and see how you did.

 Quiz: Dodge Disease with Diet

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12 Replies to “Do you know how to dodge disease with diet?”

  1. This was a very frustrating quiz, with way too many pages needed to go through, with the attendant ad filler, and several pages needed to even get to the quiz. Too much like the “quizes” that fill Facebook with inanities. Sorry, but this didn’t seem up to the usual Nutrition Action standards.

  2. I really like the Nutrition Action newsletter. However. I resent the politcizing, and the deceitful way that the recent quiz introduces a political end. I wanted answers, not a request for a vote.

  3. I feel that this is a very poorly written quiz, even though the concept of teaching people about nutrition is valid. The questions in this quiz were very confusing, very hard to answer and some were even irrelevant. And I feel the answers were not totally accurate. The question about greenhouse gas emissions is not relevant to your topic. The question of food poisoning is not relevant either because food poisoning cannot necessarily be prevented by food choices – food poisoning can happen with any food that is not stored or handled correctly. The question about breast cancer had alcohol as one of the choices, yet there was no explanation in your answer about how alcohol could affect breast cancer. I have been a subscriber to Nutrition Action for a long time, and I am very disappointed in this quiz. I believe that people are looking for straight-forward answers and this quiz does not provide that.

  4. I am puzzled by the previous comments; I found the quiz easy to navigate, it didn’t take very long, and there was immediate feedback about the answers. Also I’m not sure what was “political” about it–the information is based on scientific studies.

  5. I enjoyed the quiz. Showed I’d been reading my Nutrition Action Newsletters, but still have much to learn. Keep up the good work.

  6. I agree with every comment expressed above. The organization of that quiz and the way the questions were framed was poorly done and time-consuming, it taught nothing. Additionally, it’s no secret that your publication is politically driven. I used to subscribe (8 years) to your magazine until it went off the rails politically. No more. You are too agenda-driven for me.

  7. I had no problems with this quiz, other than getting less than 100%. It stated in the instructions in the beginning that the questions would be tricky and hard but they wanted you to think. And as far as the political push I saw only a couple of ads that gave you a chance to respond if you wanted to. Did not have to click to get out of it or any of the other irritating things that get thrown at us on line. Some people have to blame anyone or thing but themselves if they don;t do well on something. The answers were given to use immediately after answering the questions and they were all given for review correct answer and our answer. Some people are too negative.

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