Like clementines? Try these mandarins.

Clementines. Cara Cara oranges. Ruby red grapefruit. Blood oranges. Meyer lemons.

A nonstop parade of in-season citrus is on call to brighten your winter doldrums. But satsumas are standouts.

Don’t judge the irresistible mandarin by its bumpy, loose skin. For starters, satsumas are a snap to peel. And the insides are either seedless or close to it.

And talk about juicy.

While these little gems are the perfect size for snacking, they’re also a sweet-tart way to pep up salads, dressings, and whole-grain pilafs. Try a satsuma—or any orange—in a salad of butter lettuce, avocado, and fresh herbs.

Bonus: Satsumas often come with their vibrant green leaves attached, so they can dress up your kitchen countertop or fruit bowl before you gobble them down.

Satsumas are pricier than most citrus, so they’re unlikely to replace your everyday clementine or navel or grapefruit. But that makes the prized fruit a fitting holiday gift. When most households are overflowing with cake, cookies, and candy, who wouldn’t want to unwrap a box of these beauties?

Like any citrus, they’re a sure bet for vitamin C and fiber, for only 50-or-so calories apiece.

Just don’t delay. Satsuma season is sweet but short. Go get ‘em before they disappear early in the New Year.

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