Review of Nasoya's Tofubaked Tofu

Nasoya Tofubaked
Tofu can stand in for meat in stir-fries, salads, sandwiches, and other dishes. The problem: it’s up to you to give it some flavor…or at least it used to be.

“Preparing tofu has never been easier,” says Nasoya’s website.

“Our NEW TofuBaked is marinated and baked, ready to enjoy hot or cold!”

True, you could always buy your own tofu, drain it, pat it dry, marinate it, then bake it. Or not.

Each 2 oz. Piece of Nasoya organic TofuBaked delivers 8grams of protein and 10 percent of a day’s calcium for just 80 or 90 calories.

And the company doesn’t overdo the salt. Both the Sesame Ginger (200 milligrams) and the Teriyaki (240mg) have far less sodium than a 2oz. Serving of most major brands of sliced turkey, ham, or other lunch meat (typically 500 to 700 mg).

Bonus: Tofu is made of soy, so it isn’t just low in saturated fat. It’s also a source of the unsaturated fat that helps lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

And it’s plant protein, so it goes easier on the planet (and animals) than meat.

How to turn TofuBaked into dinner?

Try stir-frying some with snow peas, red bell pepper, and mushrooms. Or add some to a chopped salad of napa cabbage, avocado, and tomato with a sesame vinaigrette. Or tuck some into a lettuce wrap with shredded cabbage and carrots.

You could even eat it right out of the package. Who knew tofu could be a grab-and-go snack?

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